Music Day events Organizers are setting up next edition 

The largest common Music event of Europe is near. From Brussels to Prague, or even Athens to Roma, more than 100 cities are getting ready to celebrate the Music Day, Fete de la Musique or even Make Music Day idea! In fact, however you call it, the idea that started more than 30 years ago in France still evolves, matures and gives the initiative to every professional or amateur musician to actively be part of it, while it also gives the opportunity to any organiser (pro or amateur) to produce an event in public space!

In 2015, more than 15.000 musicians (approx. 3.000 soloists, bands, orchestras, choirs or Djs) have participated in one of the (approx.) 1.000 concert venues that took place over the European network. In these hard times of cohesion, Music is once again showing the way towards unity!

This is the goal for this years’ edition. 2016 will furthermore mark the beginning of a transnational and cross-sectoral collaboration between many organisers of the European Music Day Association aiming to develop professional cooperation and artist mobility at larger scale.

News will be released by local and national partners during some of the 3.000 live events that will be presented in June 2016.

Till then, stay tuned and get ready for the us on facebook or twitter through (#europeanmusicday and #emd2016)

Stay tuned!