Our Italian member Associazione italiana per la Promozione della Festa della Musica has released the open call of the 25th edition.

Italy, more than any other country, has expressed the ability to represent itself through cultural expression, making it unique and recognizable. Moreover, its increasingly multi-ethnic aspect allows it to accept transnational suggestions that rejects geographical and political boundaries.

For all this, Italy is the ideal place to gather and transform the invitation to the Festa della Musica . Anyone can perform in the streets and squares of the city, playing, singing, alone or in a group, organizing or as it comes. The true spirit of the Festa della Musica is precisely this to appear publicly, spontaneously, of all those who play for their own pleasure or those who cultivate even more ambitious ideas, taking advantage of the opportunity to get noticed.

All the Associations, all the schools, all the clubs, the discos, the libraries that use music usually or occasionally are invited to occupy a space of the city to make music.

The 21st of June is the longest day of the year, and over the past 25 years, the summer solstice finds thousands of amateur, grass root talents and renowned artists performing live for thousand of people all over the country. It is in fact also a unique opportunity for wider audiences to discover artists and music of all genres.

In conjunction with the public and private sector, Festa della Musica celebrations have risen as the biggest collective music happening in Italy, spreading out throughout the country and repeatedly offering unique experiences and musical moments for all.

More information with regards to the open call for participation nationwide will be disclosed in early April, so stay tuned.

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National Coordination: AIFPM