Since 1995, the Fête de la Musique takes place in Berlin at the beginning of summer. Since 2018, local coordinators have been putting a district in the foreground. Last year, Lichtenberg had the honor and passes on the scepter to Treptow-Köpenick this year. The district of East Berlin will attract especially many music lovers on 21 June, but also offers a wide cultural program, numerous leisure activities and interesting historical traces.

Köpenick: from the laundry to the E-Werk to the studio

Köpenick, then still a separate district, counted around 1873 several hundred laundries and was considered the “laundry room of Berlin”. In 1906, the district came to dubious fame by the unemployed shoemaker Wilhelm Voigt, who got a uniform from the junk dealer and thus occupied the town hall, the mayor was arrested and made with the city treasury of it. The notorious “Captain von Köpenick” was given a special exhibition in 2016.

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