Praznik Glasbe (Fête de la Musique / Music Day) took hold in Slovenia in 2011, when the first edition was organised by Glasbena zadruga Celinka. Celinka also organised the Fête the following year. In 2015, following a two-year pause, SIGIC – Slovenian music information centre took over the organisation of the festival.

Since then the event has taken place without interruption every year. It features musicians and singers of all genres and all generations. Live music concerts are the main focus of the event, which aims to call attention to sound ecology and show that live street music can organically coexist with urban life. Furthermore, it has a positive effect on city inhabitants as opposed to commercial music electronically disseminated by speakers in stores, cafes and restaurants.

In 2020,music will take centre stage in Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Nova Gorica, Kranj, Ptuj, Murska Sobota, Železniki and Piran with its surroundings. We will have the opportunity to hear an array of music genres ranging from classical and choral music to rock, pop, singer-songwriter, jazz, hip hop and urban electronic idioms. Concerts will be given both by professional and self-made musicians of all ages and persuasions. There is no doubt that this year’s festival will cater to every music taste.

The extensive programme will be gradually unveiled on the website

For more detailed information on events proposed in different cities, please visit Praznik glasbe FB page.