Only a few days left until the 25th anniversary of the Fête de la Musique on 21 June 2020

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In 2020, the Fête de la Musique in Berlin will again take place on the longest day of the year – only slightly differently, namely via digital channels and formats. With its regularly participating 100,000 spectators*, the dozens of open air stages and its often spontaneous character, Fête Berlin was a major event for 24 years and is thus naturally still subject to the measures taken by the federal and state governments against Covid-19.

And so the Fête de la Musique will be a very special one in your anniversary year: a Fête de la Haus-Musique. Berliners* are called upon to implement their stage concepts in digital space and have already done so with extraordinary creativity and commitment.

On Sunday there will be a lot going on on the website, including the popular singalong. It is the central portal for everything that happens, under the three categories JOIN IN / LOOK / LISTEN you will be able to experience the whole day how Berlin and Berliners* celebrate music.

These are some highlights from the at least 100 concerts of the Fête, which are broadcast there:

– Alle Farben – Live from the television tower on Alexanderplatz

– Finest Punkrock and Hardcore from the Wild At Heart / Kreuzberg

– Berlin Reggae United Fête de la Musique Special with The Evolution Band + Treesha from the Festsaal Kreuzberg

– Fête de la Maison – Soul and HipHop (including The Swag) live from the roof of the Badehaus Berlin.

– Bernadette la Hengst from the salon of the Amerika-Gedankbibliothek /ZLB.

– Let It Swing. Dance course and live music (The Swinging Hermlins) from the Frannz.

– “Living In A Box” from the Gretchen

– “Crazy Times” – the Unpluggedival de Luxe from room 16

– Berlin Brass Bus on Tour. On the way in Prenzlauer Berg and the courtyard of the Kulturbrauerei

– Berlin Tunes: House music from the Humboldthain Flak Tower

– Jailsessions Berlin Live: art, music, photography, singing from the former prison of the district court Köpenick

– Vamos A Bailar! Salsa dance course – extra hot from the Pfefferberg.

– Berlin Culture Cast: 3 great acts in the Astra.

– Circus TV Show LIVE!

– “Gimme Music – Mat. Joe live from the Gelato Lab”

– Dussmann das Kulturkaufhaus – with full program from 14:00 to 22:00.

– NaunynRitze: Hip Hop & Oriental Style for Kids/Youth –

– The Märkische Museum rocks. With music and theatre and text.

– #BabyJetztTanz – five acts live from the supermarket in the Kungerkiez

– Newcomers live at the main station and Ostbahnhof

… and much more, such as the Singalong: from 17-18 o’clock in the livestream you are called to sing along.

Together “in front of the screen”, from the balconies, roof terraces and living rooms, among others, the “Ode to Joy”, “Bella Ciao”, “June Moon” by Rio Reiser, “Wonderwall” by Oasis, “Viva la Vida” by Coldplay or “You Forgot the Color Film” by Nina Hagen will be sung. With prominent support from the Children’s Choir of the Berlin State Opera, the largest ensemble in the world making music together at a distance, Shantel, Bernadette La Hengst, the Popchor Wedding, the Berlin Brass Festival and surprise guests.

This Singalong takes place all over the world and can be seen and sung along via stream from anywhere. Latest updates to the program at

In the anniversary year, the European partner country France, the country of origin of the Fête de la Musique, is of course a special focus: from the Centre Français de Berlin in Wedding comes a very special, pan-European project in which 13 European metropolises stream 21 minutes of live music each. From Athens, Berlin, Bucharest, Budapest, Istanbul, Krakow, Lisbon, Ljubljana, Manchester, Milan, Prague, Skopje and Vilnius/Wilna! In addition, 2 other bands play at the Centre Français. And live from the Boris Vian Hall of the Institut Francais on Kurfürstendamm, there will be an emotional homage to artists* who died of Covid-19.

Anne-Marie Descôtes, the French Republic’s ambassador to Germany, explains: “The Fête de la Musique was first held in Berlin in 1995 and has since become a real cultural highlight of the capital, bringing together numerous Berliners every year around the values of conviviality and exchange. France is very attached to this cultural event. One of the concerts is even recorded in the French Embassy. So let us celebrate this Fête de la Haus-Musique together at home on this 21st of June, so that the whole city sounds and Berlin becomes one single celebration.”

But music in Berlin will not only be heard in the purely digital space: The Berliners* are called upon to turn their own balconies into stages and to make music – and many will follow this call. In the focus district Mitte, musical bicycle taxis will be seen and heard in the afternoon, in F-hain/X-berg a reggae bike.

Dr. Klaus Lederer, Mayor and Berlin’s Senator for Culture and Europe, sums it all up like this: “Berlin is coming out of the crisis of recent weeks with creativity and a lot of music. Unfortunately the possibilities for concerts as we know and love them are still very limited. But I am thrilled and proud of what the Berliners have come up with to celebrate the anniversary of their Fête as Fête de la Haus-Musique.

Over 100 concerts in the stream, plus the balcony and courtyard concerts and of course the participation in the great European project, which brings together more than a dozen cities, from Manchester to Istanbul, in a live stream, as well as the European Singalong, the great sing-along project that has become a tradition in the meantime, which as always begins with the Ode to Joy. I wish us all a sunny, healthy and musical summer’s beginning on June 21st.”

And Katja Lucker, Managing Director of Musicboard Berlin GmbH and organizer of the Fête de la Musique, adds: “I am very pleased with what has come about in the few weeks we ultimately had to organize the Fête de la Haus-Musique as a completely new event. T

his is only possible thanks to the commitment of the many music-loving people in Berlin, in Germany, in Europe, which makes the 21.6. a celebration of music – come what may. More than 30 organizers*, projects and initiatives are embarking on the new adventure of a live stream to make it possible for other people to experience what we all love and appreciate at the beginning of summer: Live music with soul and heart.”

The Fête de la Musique is an event of the Land Berlin. The Senate Department for Culture and Europe commissions the state-owned Musicboard Berlin GmbH with the implementation.

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