Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe, our polish partner for Wianki w Krakowie is getting ready for its #CyberMusicDay including panel discussions and live streamed events, since Music is also about sharing after all!

Concerts of various Krakow artists, panel disscussions and an indispensable competition for the most beautiful wreath – this is how the programme of Wianki is – Fete de la Musique which will take place online for the first time in history. The inauguration on June, 12, the finale – with works by Andrzej Zaucha performed by Kuba Badach, Andrzej Sikorowski, Barbara Wrońska and Limboski – scheduled for June, 21st, and the announcement of the results of a traditional competition – June, 26th. The entire CyberWianki programme will be available for free on the Internet.

‘You would like to have fun while enjoying the world. You don’t know how to spend your free time’ sang Andrzej Zaucha with the Dżamble band in 1969. The question is still valid, especially in 2020. This year’s Wianki are coming to help with the idea of ​​how to spend a few days in June in a pandemic-free cyberspace.

This year, Wianki is primarily a celebration of localities and local artists as well as those whom we want to remind about the older generations and introduce to younger recipients. Such a figure is undoubtedly Andrzej Zaucha, a vocalist, instrumentalist from Kraków and at the same time the unforgettable figure of the Polish song.

It is his songs that resound in the arrangements of the Big Band of Małopolska during „Zaucha is a remedy for everything”. On June 21st, ICE Kraków will host vocalists often associated with Krakow. They will include: Kuba Badach, Andrzej Sikorowski, Limboski, Barbara Wrońska, Marcin Jajkiewicz and Natalia Kwiatkowska.

The concert weekend on June, 20th and 21st will complement the special CyberWianki cycle: Krakow Garages in the Street Music series, which was created in cooperation with the Krakow Music Stage (organiser of the Tak Brzmi Miasto showcase festival).

The selected bands will have the opportunity to play in the studio of the Krakow Music Stage, and the effects of this cooperation will be seen not only at CyberWianki, but also at the festivals affiliated as part of HEMI (The Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation).

Thus, the artists will be able to present their work to international audiences such showcases and festivals as Nouvelle Prague, Athens Music Week or Exit Festival. On the 20th of June we will see: Fraktale, Neal Cassady, Mat Czechowicz and Killers in Red.

On the other hand, on June 21, the Krakowskie Dachowanie cycle will take place in the Street Music series. Thanks to the streaming of the concerts, the work of local artists resounding in Krakow’s pubs, parks, squares and in non-obvious spots will also fill our apartments. As part of the Krakowskie Dachowanie we will see the performances of: Kapela Hanki Wójciak, Runforrest, Edyta Górecka and others!

In order for the tradition to be done, the CyberWianki can not miss the traditional competition for the most beautiful wreath that will close this year’s edition of the Festival. However, before the participants compete, they will be able to take part in a wreath-weaving workshop in the form of a webinar organized in cooperation with Iwona Sulik.

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